I find us humans really fascinating.

We are, after all, the most complex things we know of.

That's why to me, my most important task is to sustainably improve our living space and strive for the best possible future.

Design gives me the right space to do that. In this domain, together with people with whom I share visions, I can pursue projects that make the world a little better for other people. 
Creative processes in which I can tackle problems, come up with Ideas, question, discuss and capture every perspective, fascinate and motivate me more than
anything else.

I am currently studying "Internet of Things - Design of Networked Systems" at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

I chose "Internet of Things" because we are looking for new use cases for advanced technologies and the tools we learn to work with are diverse and allow us to work in
a wide field of use cases. In combination with courses on user research and modern design methods, I think the course is very realistic and forward-looking. 

We learn to work at the intersection of technology, design, and the needs of 
users, and to work out the best possible solutions by looking at and incorporating different perspectives.

So far I have focused on

      - concept development
      - teamwork
      - user research
      - full stack prototyping
      - interface & product design

which allow me to experiment with a variety of different approaches.
I know these tools & frameworks very well
 - Arduino
 - JavaScript

 - node.js
 - p5.js
 - Figma

 - Miro
 - html & css

I know these tools & frameworks well
 - Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Photoshop
 - Vue.js
 - Runway

I would like to get to know these tools & frameworks
 - Adobe After Effects
 - blender
 - React.js
 - Edge Impulse
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